NANO Science and Technology

NANO 5100 Chemistry of Nanomaterials [3-0-0:3]
[Previous Course Code(s): NANO 510] [Co-List with CHEM 5540] Fundamental knowledge in development of nanostructured materials, introduction to the most updated research achievements in advanced functional materials: e.g., Liquid crystals, light emitters, conducting polymers, photoconductors, photoresists for nano- and microelectronics, nanostructured materials and devices, optical information storage, chromism, and piezo- and pyroelectricity. Exclusion(s): CHEM 4220, CHEM 5540

NANO 5200 Physics of Nanostructured Semiconductors [3-0-0:3]
[Previous Course Code(s): NANO 520] [Co-List with PHYS 5810] Fundamental physics on electronic, vibrational, transport, and optical properties of semiconductors and nano-scaled solid materials based on quantum mechanics. Emphasis on nanostructured heterostructures, quantum size and low-dimensional effects, and application to modern electronics and opto-electronics. Exclusion(s): PHYS 5810

NANO 5250 Nano Beam Technology [3-1-1:4]
[Previous Course Code(s): NANO 525] [Co-List with PHYS 5820] Basic physical principles underlying many nano-beam techniques for fabricating and characterizing nanomaterials. Introduction to nano process, e-beam and focus ion-beam lithograph, interaction between crystalline nanomaterials and electron/ion beams. Electron beam diffraction and imaging, imaging contrast mechanism, nanostructure characterization and analytical electron microscopy. Exclusion(s): PHYS 5820

NANO 5310 Advanced Topics in Nano Biophysical Chemistry [2-1-0:3]
[Previous Course Code(s): NANO 531] [Co-List with LIFS 5120] This course is designed for the postgraduate students majoring in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology and Physics. Advanced nano-related topics such as bioinformatics, peptide design, basic and biological application of NMR, protein structure and function and techniques of biophysical chemistry, etc. Exclusion(s): LIFS 5120

NANO 5350 Nanomaterials for Chemical Engineering Applications [2-1-0:3]
[Previous Course Code(s): NANO 535] [Co-List with CENG 5840] Introduction to nanostructured materials and nanotechnology. Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured materials. Selected applications of nanostructured materials in chemical engineering, such as separation and catalysis. Exclusion(s): CENG 4540, CENG 5840 Prerequisite(s): CENG 1500, CENG 3210, CENG 3230

NANO 5500 Nanocomposite Science and Technology [3-0-0:3]
[Previous Course Code(s): NANO 550] [Co-List with MECH 5480] This course is designed to provide fundamental understanding of emerging nanocomposite materials science and technology. The topical areas to discuss include synthesis of various nanoscale reinforcements, such as nanowires, nanotubes, and inorganic nanoparticles; fabrication and processing techniques of nanocomposites; dispersion of nanoreinforcements; interfacial adhesion; mechanical and functional properties of nanocomposites including gas/moisture barrier characteristics, electrical and magnetic properties, thermal properties and flame retardancy; molecular dynamic simulations; design and applications of nanocomposites. Exclusion(s): MECH 5480 Prerequisite(s): MECH 3420 or equivalent

NANO 5600 Nanoscale Thin Films and Nano-Structured Materials [3-0-0:3]
[Previous Course Code(s): NANO 560] [Co-List with MECH 5040] Basic knowledge of materials science and mechanics of micro- and nano-scale thin films with an emphasis on the mechanical properties of thin films and failure mechanisms in electronic devices. Exclusion(s): MECH 5040, MESF 5040

NANO 6010 Advanced Topics in Nano Science and Technology [0-1-0:1]
[Previous Course Code(s): NANO 601] Advanced topic series presented by the professors who are listed in the Nano PG Program and guest speakers, on most updated frontier researches in nano science and nano technology. Graded P or F.

NANO 6100 Independent Study in Nano Science and Technology [0-3-0:3]
[Previous Course Code(s): NANO 610] An individual in-depth study of a current topic in nano science and technology under the supervision of a faculty member. For students of NANO program only. The instructor's approval is required for taking this course. Graded P or F.

NANO 6990 MPhil Thesis Research
[Previous Course Code(s): NANO 699] Master's thesis research supervised by a faculty member. A successful defense of the thesis leads to the grade Pass. No course credit is assigned.

NANO 7990 Doctoral Thesis Research
[Previous Course Code(s): NANO 799] Original and independent doctoral thesis research. A successful defense of the thesis leads to the grade Pass. No course credit is assigned.