CHAN Hon Yeung, Henry   陳瀚洋
BSc in Biochemistry   理學士(生物化學)

Henry had to sit for the HKALE twice to enter UST. But with support from his family, the ordeal has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. "If I had not repeated Form 7, I wouldn't have matured and treasured my precious years at UST," Henry said.

"My happiest moments are on the soccer field, playing football with my teammates. It's real fun," the former external vice-president of the UST football team and orientation camp leader said.

He is continuing his exploration of the molecular basis of cell cycle control in normal and cancer cells as an MPhil candidate at UST.






CHAN Tzu Liang, Anthony   陳子量
BSc in Physics   理學士(物理學)

With four As in the HKALE, Anthony had several options. But he decided to take his favorite subject, physics, at UST. "I like physics. The more I think about and dig into physics, the more eager I am to learn," Anthony said.

In order to concentrate on his studies, Anthony refrained from joining in any extracurricular activities. "Through discussions with my classmates, I learned a lot," he said.

He is now doing an MSc in physics at UST to prepare himself for a career in a high-technology industry.






CHAN Wan Yu, Iris   陳韻
BSc in Biochemistry   理學士(生物化學)

Iris is working on a PhD in biochemistry at the University of Cambridge with the support of a research award and scholarship. She is not alone over there. Her predecessor, Tang Kit Shing, an AAA recipient in 1996, is also pursuing a PhD degree in biochemistry at Cambridge.

Iris is interested in studying the cell cycle of germ cells. "I treasure my time working as a project student in the biochemistry lab, where I get a real taste of scientific research that will help pave the way for my future career," she said.


陳韻分羆學金及研究助學金資助,赴劍橋大學修讀生化學博士課程。她不是唯一的一個 - 師兄鄧傑成已於前年赴劍橋深造。鄧傑成是九六年學業成就獎得主。




CHAN Wing Chau   陳永洲
BEng in Electronic Engineering   工學士(電子工程學)

Wing Chau chose to study electronic engineering because of his personal interest in electronics. He is now an MPhil student at UST preparing himself for a career in engineering.

Family support was a strong motivation for Wing Chau's success. "My parents told me how important studying was to my future but never put any pressure on me," he said. "Yet every time I did well, I could see the happiness in their faces, and that really inspired me to study harder."





HO Cheong Chak, Johnny   何昌澤
BEng in Computer Engineering   工學士(計算機工程學)

Johnny enjoys working as a technology analyst in Andersen Consulting. His interest in computers began to grow when he was a primary five student. Three years ago, he decided to obtain formal training in computer studies. "With its new programs and modern computing facilities, I knew that UST was the place I was looking for," he said.

He soon discovered that computer science means much more than excelling at computer games, and he would spend up to 13 hours a day in the laboratory, sacrificing his free time for other activities.

Dr Orlan Lee (ACCT) is his mentor. "I took Dr Lee's course in my first year and he gives me a lot of advice on my studies and career. I'm really impressed," he said.



他很快便發現讀電腦並不是打打遊戲機那麼簡單,因為他每天要花 13 個小時在實驗室裡,而且要犧牲掉自由活動的時間。



LAM Chun Hung, Polo   林俊鴻
BSc in Chemistry   理學士(化學)

During his years at UST, Polo spent each summer in the chemistry laboratory, doing summer jobs and pursuing research on compounds, which became his final-year project. He will spend at least two more years in the laboratory as an MPhil candidate in chemistry, studying the synthesis of amino acids.

Polo enjoys the process of doing experiments, even though it can often be disappointing and frustrating. He also likes making friends with laboratory researchers. "The postgraduate students and research assistants are all very kind. They teach me a lot of things which I cannot learn from textbooks or lectures," he said.





LAW Kin Lun   羅健麟
BSc in Computer Science   工學士(計算機科學)

Ken used his year as an exchange student at UCLA to find out if he should continue his studies in the US. His findings were very positive: "UCLA is very inter-national: I met friends from all over the world. I also did a lot of travel in the US and Mexico. Life was very interesting and I enjoyed it very much," he said.

He is working on a master's degree at Stanford University and plans to do a PhD at Carnegie Mellon University, renowned for its research in artificial intelligence. "I'm interested in designing machines that can perform or even outdo human tasks," he said.





LEE Ming Hung, Thomas   李銘鴻
BEng in Chemical Engineering   工學士(化學工程學)

Thomas will tell you that a top student can also be a good player. He was an active member of the UST volleyball team throughout his three years as an undergraduate, and practiced regularly every week.

"Studying is a very intense activity," he explained, "and I needed a place to relax. On the volleyball court, I could always forget about my class work completely. When I returned to my work, my mind was refreshed."

As a current MPhil student at UST, Thomas is encouraged by the progress he is making in his research project on mini-reactors, so much so he is considering going on to the PhD program after he completes his MPhil work.






LEE Yu Ming, Alice   李宇明
BSc in Biochemistry   理學士(生物化學)

Determined to gain more research experience to prepare herself for a challenging career in biotechnology, Alice is staying on at UST after graduation to work as a research assistant in the biochemistry laboratory. She is helping Prof Jerry Wang in his research into protein phosphorylations. "Prof Wang teaches me how to do research in a scientific way, taking logical steps to dig into the truth. I learn a lot from him," said Alice.

Her interest in biochemistry has been growing since Form 4 when she took biology. "The more I learn about genetic engineering and evolution, the more determined I am to explore the field," she said.

She attributes her success to hard work, luck and immense support from her family.






LEUNG Ching Hong   梁靖康
BEng in Computer Engineering   工學士(計算機工程學)

Ching Hong decided to come to UST to study computer engineering because he had heard that the University offers a good course in computer engineering. Three years later, he has found that he likes the program so much that his decision was easy: he is continuing his computer work here, studying for an MPhil degree.

Ching Hong considers his year as an exchange student at the University of Pennsylvania to be the most memorable experience he had as an undergraduate. He found the exchange program extremely valuable and learned a great deal from his classmates in the States. "The students are different there," he said. "They are very attentive in class. They ask questions all the time, and they don't copy each other's work."





LEUNG Lap Wai, Lydia   梁立慧
BEng in Electronic Engineering   工學士(電子工程學)

Engineering might not be a popular choice for some young women, but for Lydia, it was her natural interest in how things work that took precedence. Certainly her academic achievement proves that engineering should not be considered an exclusive playground for boys.

Lydia formed a strong bond with two classmates, Chan Wing Chau and So Man Shui, who share similar goals. The trio, all AAA winners, teamed up for their final-year project in wireless communication and are continuing their research as MPhil candidates at UST. Lydia hopes to work in design systems engineering after graduation.






MA Ka Chung, Edwin   馬家驄
BEng in Computer Science   工學士(計算機科學)

Edwin is applying the skills he acquired at UST in his new job as an information technology trainee at IBM.

He finds the most unforgettable aspect of university life is the experience of making many good friends.

As a member of UST's computer programming team that represented Hong Kong against other Asian teams in Shanghai, Edwin savored his participation in the event. "It was my first time in that kind of competition, and even though we ultimately didn't win, my programming, problem-solving and team-building skills were all enriched," he said.






NG Sui Ling, Joyce   吳瑞玲
BBA in Economics   工商管理學士(經濟學)

Joyce attributes her success to simple hard work, and to a great deal of support from her family.

"My dad taught me that you can lose money, but that you can always rely on knowledge. So I chose economics because it allowed me to think and analyze and also because it's fun!"

Joyce said she really enjoyed her experience at UST, especially the opportunity it gave her to attend classes at the University of Pennsylvania on an exchange program.

Her capacity for hard work should stand her in good stead in getting a position as a management trainee with good career opportunities and a chance to enhance her personal development.







SO Man Shui   蘇文瑞
BEng in Electronic Engineering   工學士(電子工程學)

So's goal is to become a professional engineer after completing his postgraduate degree at UST.

"I'm glad I chose UST because it is a good university and it has good facilities. I am not by nature a hard-working person, but here I was forced to work hard and I found that I like challenges. I'm also glad that I chose EEE as it is a very broad subject and I have learned a lot.

"A member of the Shaolin Martial Arts Society, So says he has had many good teachers at UST.

"They all explained the key concepts clearly, and beyond that, they also helped me in my studies and gave me encouragement."





WONG Kin Cheong   黃建昌
BBA in Finance   工商管理學士(財務學)

Kin Cheong feels that he owes a great deal of his success both to his innate competitiveness and to the support of his parents, relatives and friends.

He is counting on his honors degree in business and management with a finance major to open the door to a good job in financial engineering - "preferably in an investment bank, because I am interested in creative and sophisticated financial products."

Kin Cheong says his most exciting times at UST were when he was awarded a scholarship from Standard Chartered Bank and when he represented the University at an international business-case competition in Texas.






YIU Yu Ho   姚宇浩
BEng in Computer Engineering   工學士(計算機工程學)

Unlike other high achievers, Yiu once felt like a loser. Poor results in HKCEE sent him to a band-five school in Lai King. But with the help of dedicated teachers there, he worked very hard and participated actively in extracurricular activities, eventually changing his prospects with two As and two Cs in the HKALE.

Despite such good results, he once teased fellow students who had qualified for the Dean's List as "crazy" until he himself started receiving straight As in all his courses. "I think it is my approach to studying that works. Rather than just memorizing all that stuff, I try to integrate what I've learned into my daily life," said Yiu.

He is now teaching computer studies in secondary school while making plans to start his own business in information technology.


姚宇浩不像其他優異生,在學業上一帆風順。他曾經過挫敗。中學會考成績欠佳,他只好到荔景一所第五級中學升讀中六,在熱誠老師的鼓勵下,他勤奮讀書,又積極參與課外活動,最終以 2A2C 的成績改變前途。