CHU Hon Chiu, Paul   朱漢釗
BEng in Civil and Structural Engineering   工學士(土木及結構工程學)

Paul feels that continually updating his knowledge is necessary in order to adapt to today's changing environment, and encourages younger students to find subjects they are interested in for this reason. He chose to study civil engineering along with some of his classmates, and credits part of his success to his older brother's advice on studying.

Paul was active in sports at HKUST, and will treasure the time he spent on "a fruitful and meaningful exchange program" in the US.





HO Ka Lung, Simon   何家龍
BEng in Computer Science (Information Engineering)   工學士(計算機科學—資訊工程)

Simon has a unique perspective on computers - they provide him with an environment to demonstrate his creativity. Although not a top student in secondary school, his love of computers led him to excel at university.

Simon's next goal is to participate in outstanding research and development and he hopes to contribute to China's IT advancement. He is thankful for his teacher's guidance, and says, "I am happy to be one of the 10th anniversary class of graduates."





LAM Yin Ching, Betty   林妍青
BBA in Accounting   工商管理學士(會計學)

Even before she entered university, Betty was attracted to the field of auditing. "I think only a competent person with high moral ethics can be a good auditor," she says. Those values led her to study accounting, and will later allow her to make a contribution back to society.

Betty attributes some of her achievement to friends. "I usually study with my good friends as a group. They give me support and help me get through the difficulties."





LEE On On   李安安
BSc in Biology   理學士(生物學)

"I love biology because it teaches me about the mysterious, like how life is formed," states On On. Being a biology graduate of HKUST has always been her dream, and she is grateful for the support of her supervisor, lab mates, and family and friends in helping her realize it.

On On will continue at HKUST in an MPhil program and plans to use her studies to aid the environment.





MAK Sin Yue, Michael   麥善宇
BBA in Accounting   工商管理學士(會計學)

Michael chose to study accounting at HKUST, because "the University provides an excellent learning atmosphere, and the opportunity to interact with people from different cultures." Sheer hard work and a commitment to excellence made his choice a successful one.

Michael also enjoyed his work as Peer Counselor, acting as mentor to younger students. He looks forward to putting those skills to use in his career as an auditor, giving advice to his clients.





NG Tsz Fai, Jack   吳紫輝
BSc in Applied Physics   理學士(應用物理學)

Jack has always found physics exciting and interesting, and enjoyed studying it at HKUST with friends who shared his interest. He notes that for science, understanding is more important than memorizing, and thinks that although solid hard work is a key to success, "creativity and independent thinking are even more important."

Jack feels that the strong research at HKUST will just keep getting stronger, and has applied for an MPhil program.





NG Yu Kwan   吳裕君
BEng in Computer Science   工學士(計算機科學)

Although teaching has interested Yu Kwan since she was a child, she chose to study computer science because: "I think programming is fun and challenging."

She feels friends are an important element of academic success. "We learned through discussion." Studying in the high-tech environment of HKUST and making a contribution to society as a member of the Student Social Service Society have given Yu Kwan happy memories to cherish.





SZE Ting Ting   施婷婷
BBA in Accounting   工商管理學士(會計學)

It wasn't until after Form 4 that Ting Ting hit her stride as an excellent student. And she has kept it up all through her university career. The accounting major plans to enter a Big 5 firm after graduation, but will look back fondly on her years at HKUST.

"The teachers' professionalism and hard work inspired me most," says Ting Ting. Just one reason why she won't forget this 10th anniversary year.





TAI Man Tang   戴文騰
BSc in Mathematics   理學士(數學)

While enjoying his activities in band and football at HKUST, Man Tang also studied hard. To him, there are no secrets to academic success, just "hard work (definitely necessary) and support" among other things. "My family and my friends have also inspired me to continue my good work without giving any pressure."

Man Tang plans to proceed with postgraduate studies, and looks forward to working in the business sector in the future.





TO Sin Yam, Venus   杜善蔭
BEng in Computer Engineering   工學士(計算機工程學)

An Engineering Summer Camp at HKUST in 1997 set Venus on the path to an engineering degree. "I found that engineering is interesting and challenging," she reveals.

She enjoyed campus life at HKUST, and found that good time management and clear goals were important. Her memorable experiences include work on a lab project together with her classmates. With so many things yet to learn, Venus plans to pursue a Master's degree after graduation.





WAN Nam Fung, Antony   溫南豐
BEng in Civil and Structural Engineering   工學士(土木及結構工程學)

Antony goes for projects on a massive scale. "I chose civil and structural engineering because I like to be involved in projects such as the construction of bridges and buildings," he explains.

The engineering student is also very focused when it comes to other activities. "I prefer to concentrate my time and effort in one or two fields deeply." His advice to new students: "Care more about societal affairs; recognize the goals to be achieved in these three years."





WONG Man Cheung, Rocky   黃文祥
BEng in Computer Engineering   工學士(計算機工程學)

This high achiever is choosing a different career path from his engineering classmates - law. "Practicing law can allow me to have closer contact with society," says Rocky. A course on intellectual property confirmed his direction, and gave him the chance to polish his presentation skills.

After three years at HKUST, Rocky is ready to continue broadening his view by being out in society, and hopes to study law in other countries in the future.





WONG Wan Ching, William   王雲青
BEng in Computer Science (Information Engineering)   工學士(計算機科學—資訊工程)

Although not a top student in secondary school, William's academic performance picked right up as soon as he entered HKUST. His interest in programming led to his choice of major and his success.

Keeping stimulated in what he is learning is important to William, and his family is proud of his achievements. His plans after graduation are straightforward: "I want to continue my studies... just because I want to learn more."





YIM Wei Ming, Michelle   嚴慧明
BBA in Accounting   工商管理學士(會計學)

Michelle will never forget the opportunity HKUST gave her to study at the University of California, Berkeley on an exchange program. The experience "provided me insight into the American business environment and enabled me to meet a lot of new friends from different countries," she says.

While she plans to continue studies towards a CPA, her advice to new students is to "work hard and play hard. It's good to have a well-balanced university life."