AMEEN Nazeesh   AMEEN Nazeesh
BBA in Marketing and Management of Organizations   工商管理學士(市場學及組織管理學)

Nazeesh believes inner drive is the main reason for her results. "Wanting to achieve the highest and always settling for nothing but the best has enabled me to gain the success I seek," she said. Her family has been a major source of guidance and support, along with friends and HKUST faculty. "Being able to approach my professors, and the interest they showed in my studies and life have been a vital inspiration."

She now aims to develop a career in banking and to take an MBA, as she believes postgraduate education is vital in today's competitive world.





CHAN Kwok Yue   陳國裕
BBA in Information Systems and Finance   工商管理學士(資訊系統學及財務學)

Kwok Yue has set his sights on a career in the IT field and feels his degree has enabled him to gain the essential technical and business knowledge. He believes creativity is one of the main reasons for his accomplishments. "It is important to consider all angles of a problem," he said. "Thinking up ideas - no matter how extraordinary - improves my problem-solving ability."

The University's friendly, helpful faculty and their commitment played a major part in encouraging him to push himself on. "I am glad I was taught by such dedicated professors. They motivated me to study hard."





CHAN Yiu Chung   陳耀宗
BBA in Accounting   工商管理學士(會計學)

Great faculty and learning resources made Yiu Chung keen to study at HKUST and when added to his own enthusiasm helped him reach the top. While at the University, he seized every opportunity to build his business knowledge from lectures to team projects to discussions. As publication secretary for the Accounting Students' Society, Yiu Chung was also able to develop his interpersonal and organizing skills.

His future plans include working as an auditor and keeping in touch with all the latest developments in the field through further study.





CHEUNG Pak Ming   張柏明
BEng in Computer Science   工學士(計算機科學)

Although Pak Ming was not a top student at school, his interest in computing has been fostered during his time at HKUST, turning him into a front-runner. He feels his progress is a result of listening to lectures carefully and being willing to ask professors or fellow students when a difficulty in understanding arose.

Pak Ming sees a bright future for HKUST in the next decade as a research powerhouse and, keen to increase his knowledge further, he is staying at the University for graduate studies.





IP Tak Shun   葉德純
BEng in Computer Science (Information Engineering)   工學士(計算機科學-資訊工程)

Tak Shun found school subjects boring but at HKUST his love of computer science gave him the drive to surge ahead. Indeed, studying at the University has made him keen to stay on for graduate studies.

One of his happiest moments as an undergraduate was making the Dean's List for the first time. "I never expected to gain such an academic honor," he said. How did he do it? "Self-motivation is important. No one will force you to learn at university. It is up to you. The more effort you put in, the more you learn."





LUI Lok Ming   雷樂銘
BSc in Mathematics   理學士(數學)

A good balance between studying and outside activities has been the key to success for Lok Ming. The support and encouragement of his parents and inspiration provided by Dr Kin Yin Li also played a large part in the high-flyer's achievements.

Lok Ming intends to develop his passion for Mathematics further with graduate studies in the United States. His advice to new students: "Work hard but also make time to enjoy your life at the University. And always ask questions."





MA Wing Kui, Anson   馬泳駒
BEng in Chemical and Environmental Engineering   工學士(化學及環境工程學)

Opportunities to develop technical expertise, innovative thinking and problem-solving skills, along with an internship at a US Chemical Company are amongst the invaluable experiences HKUST student life provided Wing Kui.

The President's Cup Winner in 2002, Wing Kui said: "I could not have gotten through without the support from my supervisor, lab co-workers and my parents."

Wing Kui will continue his postgraduate studies at HKUST and is currently working on an exciting carbon nanotube project.






NG King Pan   吳競斌
BSc in Biochemistry   理學士(生物化學)

King Pan has been a keen student of science from early childhood and was drawn to biochemistry through a fascination with the basic principles of life. He felt able to fulfil his potential at HKUST through keeping to a study plan and focusing on the work in hand. He also enjoyed connecting with classmates who share the same scientific interests and views, and taking time out on the basketball court.

Now set on a research career, King Pan intends to continue at HKUST for his Master's and contribute to society by taking part in cancer research.





QI Xiaoli   祁小驪
BEng in Electronic Engineering (Information & Communication Engineering) and Computer Science (Information Engineering)   工學士:電子工程學(信息及通訊工程)及計算機科學(資訊工程)

A wish to participate in the communications or telecommunications fields led Xiaoli to take up electrical engineering. The decision proved a good one with Xiaoli becoming an outstanding student in her field.

To students starting out at HKUST she recommends always participating actively in class and being prepared for a hectic schedule. "My last year was particularly busy but I learnt a lot from this, including time management and organizational skills," she said. All good training for her next venture: undertaking a PhD program.





SIU Po Wa, Power   蕭葆華
BEng in Computer Science   工學士(計算機科學)

A desire to discover how computers can provide solutions to the problems of daily life, and the attractiveness of the University's first-rate professors and facilities, drew Po Wa to his degree program at UST.

As well as excelling in his studies, Po Wa actively participated in coordinating inter-university functions. He also went on exchange to the University of Pennsylvania, one of the highlights of his program. "I was able to learn and work with students from different cultures and backgrounds there," he said, "and gained valuable friendships."





TANG Kam Lun   鄧錦倫
BEng in Computer Science   工學士(計算機科學)

Working in the laboratory for more than two days without pause is just one of Kam Lun's many memories of HKUST. The experience helped shape his future too. He glans to extend his time in research by undertaking an MPhil at HKUST and later a PhD overseas.

While Kam Lun believes you need to work hard to be successful, he says it is important to have other interests. In his case, playing the cello in various University groups gave him an enjoyable way to take time out from his studies.





TONG Lap Ki   唐立奇
BEng in Computer Science (Information Engineering)   工學士(計算機科學-資訊工程)

"To study hard is a responsibility to yourself and your family," remarks Lap Ki, who says he is thankful to his parents for allowing him to choose his own best path to success.

This path took Lap Ki to The University of California at San Diego on exchange, which he describes as a great opportunity and recommends to other students. "My HKUST professors were also a real help in my development, and assisted me to view challenges as opportunities," he added.

Lap Ki will be returning to the US to pursue a career in the IT sector.






WANG Ying   王瑛
BEng in Computer Engineering   工學士(計算機工程學)

A leading student at secondary school, Ying flourished at HKUST. She feels her friends played an essential role in inspiring her to do well through group projects and working together on laboratory assignments. Along with academic pursuits, Ying has engaged in activities including the inter-university Putonghua recitation contest.

She is delighted to be continuing her graduate studies at HKUST and is confident of the University's role in the future. "HKUST will become the top university in Asia," she said.





WONG Hang Yin   黃杏妍
BBA in Finance and Economics   工商管理學士(財務學及經濟學)

The School of Business and Management was Hang Yin's first JUPAS choice for both quality of education and all-round development. "I also liked the energy attached to HKUST. As a young school, it is always striving for improvement."

Hang Yin believes perseverance and planning improved her academic career. Two highlights of her time at HKUST were participating in the 2003 Marshall International Business Case Competition at the University of Southern California and serving as Master of Ceremonies for HKUST's Just Walk fund-raising walkathon.





WONG Si Ling   黃思靈
BSc in Economics and Finance   理學士(經濟學及財務學)

With economics and finance at the root of many aspects of life, Si Ling felt that knowledge in these two areas would stand her in good stead both in times of boom and recession. It proved a happy choice. "I love learning at HKUST. One of the best things has been making use of this knowledge in real life, for example, during my summer internship."

Si Ling plans to gain work experience and later take a Master's in order to keep up-to-date with the latest advances and further her career.