CHAN Cheuk Ki   陳卓基
BEng in Computer Science (Information Engineering)   工學士(計算機科學──資訊工程)

"Painters use brushes to depict their creative ideas while programmers use coding skills to create innovative and useful applications," says Cheuk Ki, who took Computer Science in order to learn how to produce such applications and now aims to become an IT manager.

He believes his success is a result of tackling his work independently, listening carefully to lectures and following up with questions for extra clarity. He also made time for additional activities, taking part in department events and winning an HKUST singing contest.





CHAN Hang Ting   陳杏婷
BBA in Global Business and Finance   工商管理學士(環球商業管理及財務學)

A young, dynamic university and an academic course that offered many additional learning opportunities, such as student exchange and internships, persuaded Hang Ting to choose HKUST and a Global Business degree. While Hang Ting has set her initial sights on banking, her goal in life is to get on well with other people and exert a positive influence. She feels the many enrichment programs she participated in at HKUST, including the mentorship program and case competitions, provided her the opportunity to learn about interpersonal skills, work ethics and teamwork.

"For all who strive hard and have high goals, HKUST is the place to be. Grasp every opportunity to try out new experiences."





CHENG Kan Leung   鄭勤樑
BEng in Computer Science (Information Engineering)   工學士(計算機科學──資訊工程)

Interest in your studies and self-motivation are the simple but important requirements for reaching the top, Kan Leung says. His brother - an HKUST alumnus - also played a major role in advising him on life at HKUST and assisting him in the move from school to university.

Participating in programming contests is one of Kan Leung's outstanding memories of his undergraduate days. As a programming team member, during competitions he made lots of friends across departments at the University and from overseas. "It made me realize how many talented people exist in the world and really broadened my horizons."





CHEUNG Victor   張偉力
BEng in Computer Science (Information Engineering)   工學士(計算機科學──資訊工程)

Victor enjoyed mathematics and science-related subjects from a young age. He chose to study information engineering as he believes it is an indispensable element of today's world and is keen to make a contribution in the field.

"I learn by asking people questions and thinking about the answers or advice they suggest," says Victor. He also participated in communication workshops, which he feels are particularly useful to those who spend large amounts of time interacting with computers and do not get as much chance to develop this essential skill.





FUNG King Shing   馮景成
BBA in Finance and Management of Organizations   工商管理學士(財務學及組織管理學)

The desire to serve others motivates King Shing to work hard, overcome challenges and achieve academic excellence. Of his exchange to the University of British Columbia and organizing a tour to China, King Shing says his vision was broadened and his independence improved. He now aims to develop a career in the financial sector and gain professional qualifications.

King Shing thanks his parents, friends and teammates who have helped him along the way, and recommends always working hard and being humble. "It doesn't guarantee you will have a successful career, but you will be a rounded person," he says.






HO Fung Yi   何鳳兒
BBA in Operations Management and Marketing   工商管理學士(營運管理學及市場學)

Her motto, "Be effective and efficient" has motivated Fung Yi throughout her life. When it comes to her studies, this means understanding lectures when they are delivered so there is no need to spend extra time on getting to grips with them later. She will also carry her motto with her into a career in business, and later when she takes an MBA to enhance her knowledge and assist her career development.

A love of social dance encouraged Fung Yi to help establish a new Social Dance Society with her friends. The time spent promoting the society and the enjoyment of those who took part in events made an indelible impression. "These memories will always recall the fact I am an HKUST alumna."





HO Yat Fan   何一凡
BBA in Global Business and Finance   工商管理學士(環球商業管理及財務學)

The depth of the Global Business Program answered Yat Fan's wish to study business in relation to international developments in order she be equipped, personally and professionally, to deal with the extraordinary changes occurring in today's world.

Yat Fan participated in many enrichment programs including the mentoring program, a student exchange to the University of Pennsylvania and an internship. She undertook three study tours to Mainland China to gain insights on the development of China's economy, and made many friends through extra-curricular activities, such as the Debating Team. All these have made her a better person. She added, "To achieve and get as much as you can out of your studies, take the initiative and push yourself beyond your own limits."





HO Yat Kwan, Ada   何日君
BBA in Global Business and Finance   工商管理學士(環球商業管理及財務學)

Ada wants to develop a career in investment banking or management consulting, and her next academic goal is to take an MBA. "I tend to set high performance goals and have high expectations of myself," she says.

At HKUST she enjoyed many different opportunities, participating in internships at two investment banks and a student exchange to UC Berkeley. She was selected as a Hong Kong delegate to go to Japan on the Outstanding Youth Volunteer Exchange Program, joined an international case competition, and attended a conference in New York at the headquarters of the United Nations. "To have passion for what you do is important," says Ada. "Once you love something, you will naturally be good at it.





LAM Chi Ho   林志浩
BEng in Chemical Engineering   工學士(化學工程學)

A desire to make a contribution to society led Chi Ho to choose his major. Although he says he was not a top student at secondary school, he saw several classmates gain excellent results in public examinations and was encouraged to try to do the same. During his time at HKUST, he succeeded, gaining two scholarships along the way.

Chi Ho says that his summer internship and research project proved enlightening experiences and showed him the importance of independent thought, time management and doing well at work. "Once you have decided on something, go for it and don't give up, even if it is hard," he advises.





LAU Ka Ho   劉家豪
BEng in Electronic Engineering   工學士(電子工程學)

Working hard, asking questions and discussing with friends when problems arose propelled Ka Ho into the ranks of outstanding students. One of his chief memories is working continuously over several days to remove a bug from a microprocessor project before a demonstration. With just hours to go, he and his partners met the challenge and solved the problem. "It was an unforgettable experience."

Ka Ho, who won the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Hong Kong Section Prize in 2003, plans to continue his studies by taking a master's degree at HKUST.





LEE Chi Wai, Jeffrey   李子維
BSc in Physics and Mathematics   理學士(物理學及數學)

Chi Wai is passionate about scientific research. He rocketed to success, gaining several scholarships, making the Dean's List five times at HKUST and once at UC Berkeley where he participated in a student exchange, and receiving an honorable mention and a gold award in the President's Cup 2002 and 2004, respectively.

His research supervisor Prof C T Chan inspired him to work hard and to persevere in the face of difficulty. Chi Wai will continue his studies at HKUST with an MPhil. Later he hopes to take a PhD and cause a stir with the discoveries he makes.





LEUNG Man Fung   梁文峰
BEng in Computer Science (Information Engineering)   工學士(計算機科學──資訊工程)

An interest in working in the computer field led Man Fung to enroll in his Computer Science degree. He says his secondary school teachers made him realize the benefits of working hard and he found the environment at HKUST very suitable for both studying and enjoying his work.

If you understand concepts from the outset, it saves time during revision and frees you to study other topics, he believes. "The ability to manage time is an essential factor." It also meant Man Fung was able to find the space in his schedule to play football, basketball, and to relax with friends.





LEUNG Pak Kin   梁灠
BEng in Mechanical Engineering   工學士(機械工程學)

Pak Kin has progressed to become a top-flight achiever at university. A turning point came when he realized examinations were simply to evaluate understanding. "And that depends on how much you want to learn."

When all lectures were cancelled during SARS, Pak Kin returned to the library each day to make the most of the unexpected time to study on his own. This freedom to learn, together with the research experience acquired during his Final Year Project, made a huge impression and encouraged him to take a master's degree after graduation.





NG Kar Wei   吳嘉偉
BEng in Electronic Engineering   工學士(電子工程學)

Electronic devices have proved a continual source of fascination for Kar Wei and semiconductors have become the focus of his interest. He now intends to contribute his own ideas to the field through postgraduate research at the University.

Always a top student, Kar Wei also joined The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholar Alumni Association, which carries out voluntary work. "Now I understand more about those in need. This experience made me understand I should treasure what I have now." Good time management for academic work plus extra-curricular activities for relaxation are two of his suggestions for students just starting at HKUST.





TAM Chi Kong   譚志剛
BSc in Mathematics   理學士(數學)

The challenge posed by mathematical problems spurred Chi Kong on through his degree and led him to decide on further study. He believes interest in your subject is one of the vital factors for success as it helps you learn faster and drives you to work harder. Discussion is also important in finding solutions to difficulties.

He says seeing the dedication of his professors, and how such application leads to achievement, pushed him to apply himself more. He aims eventually to make his career as a mathematician.





TANG Ki Yuen   鄧淇菀
BBA in Global Business and Finance   工商管理學士(環球商業管理及財務學)

Inspiring professors, making good friends, and representing the School of Business and Management in an international case competition in the United States are some of Ki Yuen's favorite experiences at HKUST. She decided to make HKUST her first choice after being impressed by the unique Global Business Program and the reputation of the School.

Ki Yuen became marketing secretary of the Band Society and a team member of the Dance Society. Through organizing activities, she developed her leadership and interpersonal skills and also learnt how to balance her time between extra-curricular duties and meeting the high academic targets she set for herself.