In order that a course can be used to count toward the general education requirements of an undergraduate program, it must be selected from amongst the list of designated general education courses, and be taken in that academic year in which it is so designated. Courses cannot be double-counted towards both the general education requirements and other requirements of the degree program.
The following are designated general education courses for the 2007-08 academic year. Detailed description of these courses are given under the section 'Course Catalog ' in this Calendar
School of Science
BISC 001 BISC 002 BISC 003 BISC 005 BISC 006
BISC 103 CHEM 001 CHEM 100 MATH 106 MATH 161
PHYS 002 PHYS 006 PHYS 007 SCIE 003A
School of Engineering
BIEN 101 CENG 109 CENG 151 CIVL 142 CIVL 161
COMP 101 COMP 102 ELEC 001 ELEC 005 IELM 101
IELM 120 IELM 121 MECH 106
School of Business and Management
ACCT 102 ACCT 261 ECON 110 ECON 112 ECON 150
FINA 110 FINA 132 ISMT 110 ISMT 111 * # ISMT 125
ISMT 138 ISMT 162 ISMT 218 ISMT 231 ISMT 240
MARK 111 MGTO 120 MGTO 235 MGTO 328 MGTO 331

# With the exception of the Mathematics and Physics Option, students admitted to the programs offered by the Department of Mathematics in 2005-06 or after cannot use this course to satisfy the general education requirement.
* Students enrolled in the programs offered jointly or singly by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering or the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering cannot use this course to satisfy the general education requirement.
School of Humanities and Social Science
  All HUMA and SOSC courses (including special topics courses) at or below 300-level.
Pilot Program for Developmental and Learning Skills (1)
GNED 021(2) GNED 025(2) GNED 026(2) GNED 041(3)

1) This Pilot Program has been launched since Fall 2002-03 with an aim to integrate into the mainstream of the undergraduate programs some formal training in learning/study skills, creative thinking, and other developmental skills needed at university and for lifelong learning, and to explore the approach of using the technique of portfolio assessment for formative purposes. At the start, only two programs, namely, the BSc in Mathematics (Statistics Option) and the BBA in Global Business, were selected to participate in this pilot study. The pilot was extended to the BBA program in Information Systems in 2003-04.
2) For BSc Mathematics (Statistics Option) students admitted in 2002-03 or after.
3) For BBA Information Systems students admitted in 2003-04 or after.