Acting Dean:
Alvin Yiu-Cheong SO, BA Chinese Univ of Hong Kong; MA, PhD Univ of California, Los Angeles
(Chair Professor, Division of Social Science)
Associate Dean:
Kim-Chong CHONG, BA Univ of Singapore; PhD Univ of London
(Head and Professor, Division of Humanities)
David ZWEIG, BA MA York Univ, Toronto; PhD Michigan
(Chair Professor, Division of Social Science)



The School comprises two divisions - the Division of Humanities and the Division of Social Science. While it does not offer undergraduate degrees, both Divisions offer undergraduate minor programs and postgraduate degree programs, including Master of Arts (MA), Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

At the undergraduate level, the mission of the School of Humanities and Social Science is to offer general education courses that seek to situate scientific, technological, and business advances within the human and social context, with the purpose of broadening students' horizons, developing their analytical and critical skills, and promoting their awareness of themselves and the world. The School offers a wide range of courses at various levels in literature, linguistics, history, anthropology, philosophy, religion, film, music, political science, economics, sociology and psychology.

To ensure a broad, well-rounded and humane education, all undergraduates are required to take at least 12 credits in the School of Humanities and Social Science. This usually translates into four courses, of which at least one must be taken from each of the two Divisions.

The undergraduate minor programs aim to provide opportunities for students to broaden their general education, to explore alternative avenues of interest and career paths, and to lay the foundations for further areas of specialization. Any undergraduate student with a CGA of at least 3.50 or C- may enroll in the programs.

The postgraduate programs are designed to expose students to theories, methodologies, and substantive knowledge on a broad range of cultural, historical, social, economic and political issues. The School approaches these subjects from comparative perspectives.

Above all, the postgraduate programs of the School are distinguished by an interdisciplinary orientation both within and between the humanities and social sciences. Students will find the School a place where new ideas are explored, frontiers are pushed, and a genuine commitment is made to the creation of relevant, innovative and significant scholarship.