Postgraduate Courses

1) Each course is identified by a course code which comprises a four-letter code followed by a four-digit number code.
- The letter code denotes either the area/program of study or the course offering department. Course descriptions are arranged in alphabetical order of letter codes.
- The last four digits of the number code represent a departmental coding series while the first digit indicates the academic level of the course:
5 = Postgraduate courses
6 = Postgraduate courses usually in the form of seminars, independent studies, reading courses or master research
7 = Postgraduate courses usually in the form of doctoral seminars or research
2) Each course is assigned a course vector which indicates the number of instructional hours required and credits to be earned. The course vector is presented in the form of [L-T-Lab:C] where
L = Lecture hours per week
T = Tutorial, seminar or recitation hours per week
Lab = Laboratory or field study hours per week
C = Number of course credits
3) Courses listed here will be offered according to resources available in each term and academic year. Details of course offerings in a particular term will be announced during the course registration period.


Course Description (in alpha order of course codes)
ACCT Accounting   HUMA Humanities
BIEN Bioengineering   IBTM SF Prog in Intelligent Building Tech and Mgmt
BTEC SF Prog in Biotechnology   IELM Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management
CBME SF Prog in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering   IMBA HKUST Executive MBA Program
CENG Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering   ISOM Information Syst, Business Stats & Operations Mgmt
CHEM Chemistry   JEVE SF Prog in Env Engineering & Management
CIEM SF Prog in Civil Infrastructural Eng and Mgmt   LANG Language
CIVL Civil and Environmental Engineering   LIFS Life Science
COMP Computer Science and Engineering   MAFS SF Prog in Financial Mathematics
CSIT SF Prog in Information Technology   MALS SF Prog in Liberal Studies
ECON Economics   MARK Marketing
EEMT SF Prog in Engineering Enterprise Management   MATH Mathematics
EESM SF Progs in Electronic Eng, IC Design and Telecom   MECH Mechanical Engineering
ELEC Electronic and Computer Engineering   MESF SF Prog in Mechanical Engineering
EMBA Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Program   MGMT Management
ENEG Energy   MIMT SF Prog in International Management
ENVR Environment   NANO NANO Science and Technology
ENVS Environmental Science   PDEV Postgraduate Development
EVNG Environmental Engineering   PHYS Physics
EVSM SF Prog in Environmental Science and Management   SBMT School of Business and Management
FINA Finance   SOSC Social Science
FYTG HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School   SSMA SF Prog in Social Science
GFIN SF Prog in Global Finance      

SF Prog(s) = Self-financed Program(s)