ESCE 500 Introductory Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology [2-0-0:0]
This course is web-based. Course content contains three modules: 1) Chemistry of Matter: atoms and molecules, properties of matter, acids and bases, chemical reactions and equations; 2) Introductory Biochemistry: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids; 3) The Microorganisms: noncellular microorganisms (viruses) and cellular microorganisms (eukaryotes: algae, fungi, protozoa; prokaryotes: bacteria), important life processes/concepts in cellular microorganisms, microorganisms and environment. Graded P or F.

ESCE 531 Measurement of Air Pollutants [3-0-0:3]
[Co-list with CENG 531]  Characteristics of criteria air pollutants; Air sampling; Reference and equivalent methods for gaseous pollutants; Particulate sampling; Federal reference methods; Cascade impactors; Real time monitors; Denuder technology; Statistical issues. Exclusions: CENG 531, JEVE 531

ESCE 532 Water Quality Assessment [3-0-0:3]
[Co-list with CENG 532]  Water quality standards, chemical, physical and biological contaminants in water. General laboratory measurements and instrumental analysis based on optical, electrical and chromatography methods. Toxicity and BOD tests. Pathogenic microorganisms and microbial examination of water. Environmental sampling and quality control quality assurance. Exclusions: CENG 532, JEVE 532

ESCE 698 MSc Project [3 or 6 credits]
The project could either be of 3 or 6 credits depending on the interests and ability of the student. Participation of external organizations in these projects will be particularly encouraged. The responsibility, control, administration and assessment of the projects rest with the University.